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Umariai Udmitrieve

Locale Emulator V2.3.1.1

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This SDK now requires devices and emulators to target API level19 (KitKat) or higher and to use Android 4.4 or higher. This is due to anupdate in its gRPC dependency version and to align with requirements of otherFirebase libraries.

Note that if you're running the Firebase Authentication emulator on "localhost" andconnecting from an app that is running inside the Android Emulator,the Firebase Authentication emulator host will be "" followed by its port.

Added two methods to help test the other Phone Authenticationchanges in this release. CallFirebaseAuthSettings#forceRecaptchaFlowForTesting()to disable SafetyNet app verification on phone flows. CallFirebaseAuthSettings#setAppVerificationDisabledForTesting()to disable all app verification on phone flows. Note that disabling appverification will cause flows to fail unless you're using a testing phonenumber or are connected to the Firebase Authentication emulator.

Terminal emulators show a GUI Window that contains a terminal. Most emulate Xterm, which in turn emulates VT102, which emulates typewriter. For further background information, see Wikipedia:Terminal emulator.

In the GNU/Linux world, the framebuffer can refer to a virtual device in the Linux kernel (fbdev) or the virtual framebuffer system for X (xvfb). This section mainly lists the terminal emulators based on the in-kernel virtual device, i.e. fbdev. 1e1e36bf2d


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