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Serial Number Photoshop Cs 5 Extended

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I did not get an error. The serial number that I took from the Help>System Info screen on Computer A was 16 digitals, not long enough to fill in the serial number boxes on Computer B. The "next" button remained greyed out because the serial number boxes were not filled in.

did you get the serial number from Help>System Info, where it says "Serial Number" because, if so, that's not the serial number. In fact, it's not even close. my actual serial number started with 1 while the "serial number" in the System Info started with 9.

when you deactivated from the old computer, did you check the box to erase the serial number from the computer upon activation If not (i.e., the serial number is supposedly still on the old computer), i've heard that if you start a reinstall of CS5 on the old computer, it will fill in the serial number at that screen. I don't know this for sure because the OS on my old computer literally crashed in an irreparable way immediately after I deactivated CS5.

If it isn't a student edition (you must not have the box - the box would clearly say so), then the only way to get the serial number is to know the email address that it may have originally been installed under. Even that may not work, when I spoke to Adobe support (after waiting 3 hours on my digital phone), I gave then every email address that I could imagine having used and did not find the record of my initial installation.

Can anyone at Adobe help me locate my CS5 serial number It does not show in my account and when I look at Help - System Info I only see 20 out of 24 numbers. I have been At this for 6 hours and getting very frustrated as NO ONE has been able to help me after spending $1,000+ on Adobe products.

I have Lightroom 3 software with a Product Code, Not serial number... Previously downloaded on my old computer. Nowadays it's not a long enough activation code to get the software registered. I have no clue what to do about this issue, but as for me, I am completely over Adobe and their products. Will definitely never recommend to clients, friends, family in the future.

After some research I found out that you have to deactivate the older version (e.g. the one on her old laptop) for the one on the new laptop to be activateable - no success. The serials number is right, but it wont let me activate because the key is in use. So I tried to deactivate the software on the old laptop with the same error like "SantaClaus".

2. We have checked the serial number of the CS5 and would like to inform you that you can reinstall the application on new updated windows computer as this is the older application and deactivation can not be done in this.The activation counts are there and you can reinstall the application on 2 computers.Thanks for working with us,Adobe Customer Care

Did you manage to install CS5 on your second machine I've chatted with 3 different people and the last one told me that my serial number can be activated on 7 more PCs (3 out of 10 are activated), but I still CAN'T manage to install CS5 anywhere.

Do NOT say you have a problem with CS5, do not mention installing, do not mention Windows 10, do not complain, or get sidetracked. Say you need an "activation count reset". Use these exact words and no other form of them, with no other background. Repeat the words, don't try to explain them. (Obviously you will need to give them the serial number etc.) If they try to send you back to the forums, say the forums sent you and said that only official support can help, and ask for a supervisor.

I asked him to deactivate from his side which "he was not able able to" since we have retail versions of CS5. So he "did something on his side" which would allow me to use the serial number on the other laptop without any issues. All I had to do was uninstall (without deactivating) CS5 on laptop nr.1 and reinstall the software on laptop nr.2 which I am doing in this moment.

Of course I uninstalled the software on laptop nr.2 as well and started th


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