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The Ultimate Crossfire Hack for Zombie Mode: One Shot, One Kill

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download crossfire hack 1 hit kill zombie

Working on all last-gen platforms and iOS, this glitch causes all zombies in the wave to spawn outside and attack a single window. To perform this glitch, the player must be repairing a window at the start of the wave. This does not always work. When it does work, all the zombies in the wave will spawn at the spawn areas outside the barrier being repaired. They will all then attack said barrier. A skilled player can repeatedly repair the barrier without getting hit by the zombies, thereby making it impossible for them to enter the map.

Sometimes, for unknown reasons, the rounds will not continue because there is a Zombie stuck outside the map near the Catwalk. The Zombie is somehow not able to get in, and the player cannot see the Zombie, but can hear it screaming and making sounds. The only known way to stop this glitch is to use any teleporter and get the Nuke, which will kill the stuck zombie. Another zombie will not respawn to replace it because it is technically not in the map, which makes getting a Nuke the only option. If players do not have enough points, there is no option but to end the game.

On Der Riese, rarely, sometimes if a Zombie is shocked by the WunderWaffe DG-2 in a certain manner, it will show its corpse on the ground twitching and screaming, and the player may see the zombie's legs moving, however, it is technically dead, and will not count towards the rounds. It lasts longer then 5 minutes at most. It is unknown if this glitch exists on World at War. This glitch was seen in the room with Mule Kick, and may not work in other rooms. This glitch is also present on Nacht der Untoten, after killing a zombie with the Thundergun near the Mystery Box, although it is unknown why this happens.

Depending on what staff the player had when they picked up the Iron Fists, the player's knife will have the same effect (e.g. burning the zombies if the player had the Staff of Fire). However, it is possible to have two different overlays by picking up a different staff when the player respawns (such as having the burning effect of the Fire Staff and electrocuting effect of the Lightning Staff). Besides the possibility of having two overlay effects, the knife has the same power as the Iron Fists (capable of one-hit-killing up until round 36). The only difference is the animation.

The Ray Gun is available in all Zombies maps in Call of Duty: World at War available only in the Mystery Box. The Ray Gun is often the most favored weapon in Zombies due to its ability to kill in one shot until rounds 18 to 22, or 22 to 25 when Pack-a-Punched, and its large ammo capacity for such a high-damage weapon. As well, the Ray Gun can hit multiple zombies at once, courtesy of its splash damage. However, the same splash damage can be dealt to the user themselves, and can potentially down them in unfavorable locations. It is pinpoint accurate, and the bullets have a travel time, meaning that the player should aim their shots very carefully, especially since it takes a small, but noticeable amount of time for the shot to reach its target. The Ray Gun can kill zombies in one hit approximately until round 22. However, after said rounds, the Ray Gun will steep off immensely in terms of usefulness, commonly turning zombies into crawlers. The Ray Gun shoots slowly, and as such, can benefit from using Double Tap Root Beer in order to increase its effectiveness; however, it can cause inaccurate players to burn through ammunition supplies at alarming rates. The reload animation for the Ray Gun ends when a distinct, distorted sound is heard, after the barrel of the Ray Gun is closed. As such, players should be aware of its Reload Cancel time, as attempting to reload cancel as soon as the battery enters the barrel will yield danger to the user. To alleviate this, Speed Cola can be useful in order to perform its 3 second reload faster.

Ray GunDamage1000 (direct hit) 1500-300 (splash) 2000-300 (splash, Pack-a-Punched)Fire ModeAutomatic on consolesRate of Fire181 RPMMagazine Size20 blasts (40 blasts when Pack-a-Punched)Maximum Ammunition20+160 (40+200 when Pack-a-Punched)Reload Time3 secondsRange(explanation)InfiniteRecoilLowPenetrationSmallCost(Zombies)950: Mystery BoxUsed byUltimisAmerican and Cuban GovernmentsCelebritiesConsolecodename(s)Ray_Gun_ZMThe Ray Gun is available in Call of Duty: Black Ops in all the maps in Zombies game mode. While still being very powerful (one-shot-kill up to round 15-16), the gun has a tendency to start making crawlers on rounds 18 and higher more often if shot at the legs. Although this can be very useful, the player may be caught unaware by them and blocked/surrounded. At about round 23, the Porter's X2 Ray Gun (the upgraded version of the Ray Gun) will start to make crawlers. Occasionally, when the player aims down the sight, the reticle can change colors from red, green, purple, white, yellow, and blue. One problem is that it makes a mere 50 points per kill, making it one of the worst weapons to accumulate points with, especially in early rounds. The Ray Gun, along with the other wonder weapons, is very useful on Kino der Toten, "Five", and Moon, as Gas Zombies will not release their toxic gas if killed with it. In most rounds past round 30, the Ray Gun and Porter's X2 Ray Gun will be near useless against the zombies, taking multiple shots to kill them, and as such, should be traded out for a better weapon. Also, the splash damage can be lethal to the player if fired at a zombie or an object close to them, unless they have PhD Flopper. In the case where PhD Flopper is active, there is zero detriment to shooting zombies at extremely close quarters, and can even make the Ray Gun a life saver in the case of being surrounded.

Ray GunFire ModeSemi-AutomaticRate of Fire181 RPMMagazine Size20 blasts (40 blasts when Pack-a-Punched)Maximum Ammunition20+160 (40+200 when Pack-a-Punched)Range(explanation)InfiniteRecoilLowPenetrationSmallCost(Zombies)950: Mystery BoxUsed byMarinesUltimisThe Ray Gun also makes an appearance in the Call of Duty: Zombies application for the iOS, with a few differences from its counterpart on the consoles. It causes no splash damage to the user and loses its one-shot-kill ability earlier (compared to Call of Duty: World at War), at round 17 for Verrückt and Nacht der Untoten, and round 20 for Der Riese and Shi No Numa. Along with these differences, it is not fully automatic on the iOS version. Obtaining it on the iOS version gives the player the "Space Man" achievement, and using it to kill 100 zombies gives the player the "Laser Face" achievement. It also causes no aesthetic damage to zombies, and cannot make crawlers.


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