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How to keep fresh winter greens...fresh!!

We all love the festive look and feel of fresh winter greens. We plant flowers in the summer time, and replace those bright colors with our favorite evergreens and pine cones when the temps drop. Welcome winter.

So here are a couple of tips to help with the longevity of your fresh greens.

If possible place them out of direct sunlight. This will definitely be the best possible solution, though not always practical.

Next, remember to mist your wreaths/ fresh greens every once in a while, especially if temperatures fluctuate. Misting the back side of the wreath will also be beneficial.

For your outdoor pots, always add water to your dirt/ sand before you begin designing. On top of that, don't forget to water them through out the season if temperatures hit above 0! They will get thirsty.

Here is my final tip that I am so excited about. WILT PRUF! I have not received mine yet to prove it...but it is out there friends and the reviews look amazing. Wilt pruf is a product that offers UV protection to ever greens, and will help them thrive! I have yet to find this locally but I have ordered off of amazon. This may be what we all have been waiting for!

So here are a few tips and tricks for you! Let's help our outdoor arrangements outlast this winter season(hmmmm is this even possible in Alberta?) and come out looking amazing. If you order and try out Wilt Pruf, let me know how you feel about it! I am so pumped about this product!!

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