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Meet Rosie

Meet my assistant Rosie!

Rosie is a huge part of Petals and Stems. She in fact is a lifesaver. If you knew where she came from I know you would agree that she deserves her very own blog post.

Rosie used to be in a totally different industry before we met. She put on “a new hat” you may say. She went from being a full-time travel and recreation expert to being my top floral assistant. Ya....she took a big leap!

Rosie was in tough shape when we first got acquainted, but we saw through all her less than polished appearances and saw potential. With a lot of work and tlc she was transformed.

We gutted her, painted her windows black, framed in all necessary areas and insulated her to code for our coolbot cooling system. We then covered the insulation with wood, painted her, laid vinyl plank flooring, hung lights and shelving and TADA!

If you look at pictures of the process you will see that Rosie's insides were not all that required work - between my hubby, kids and myself, old decals had to be removed, some elbow grease was needed to make her shine and then the changes really started to happen.

Rosie has completely stolen the spotlight at Petals and Stems, and we are ok with that. She is such a fun addition to our business and we understand why she is loved so much.

Petals and Stems is a home-based studio so having a portable cooler was really our only option in our current location. Building a cooler on location was not an option where we are now so our next best option was using a trailer for the job. Rosie is stored off-site when we do not need her assistance and then we transport her here and put her to work in our busy season.

Check out the gallery of the crazy process. It took all hands on deck to transform this little beauty.

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