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Before your consultation

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I am a vision specialist. When you have a good feel for what you want, it helps me step right into your vibe, I can actually feel it like it's my own.

Here are a few things you can consider before sitting down with me that will help you pinpoint your vision and be prepared when it is time to meet face to face.

How to pinpoint your vision:

1) CONSIDER THE SEASON: A simple place to start, let the season tastefully guide you.

2) YOUR VIBE: Make a list of words that describe the feeling and vibe you want to radiate from your day. Example: bohemian, classic, rustic, elegant. (Giving me a word like this is like a massive WELCOME into your vision!)

3) CHOOSE YOUR COLOURS: Maybe you have done this, if so hello step 4.😉. If not now is the time! Please consider steps 1 and 2, we want the vibe to fllllooowww. What colors express you as a couple?

*TIP: search Pinterest for things like “spring wedding ideas" or “bohemian wedding theme” what colors pop up most often?

4) VISION BOARD: hello Pinterest! Save all the things! See tip above for search options! Add in your colors to really narrow down the search! “Burgundy and blush wedding flowers”. And yes I will want to see it:-)

5) TAKE NOTE: scan your “dream wedding” Pinterest board. See common themes? Take mental note! Example: that big rose looking thing is in every pin I have saved, I love it. (ding ding, ask florist about that one). Or “I see a bouquet style trend, the ones I have saved all seem a bit wild, and wispy with the flowers not perfectly placed, that’s what I love!” Perfect -you are going to be so easy for me to read!

6) PRIORITIZE: Of all you dream of for your wedding day florals and accents, what is top priority? Your bouquet? Your archway flowers? Table center’s? List in order what matters most to you as a couple!

Finally friend, don’t stress! You have got this! Relax and dream. I have got your back! No you don’t need to worry about the name of the flower or the proper name of the bouquet style you want. That’s my job! I can not wait to chat with you more.

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