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Updated: Jan 25

lady designing winter pot.  Winter outdoor pot design, neutral winter outdoor pot design,  Vermilion Ab workshop, lady smiling in rustic barn, barn workshops
"Oh Deer" Winter out door pot design by Petals And Stems.

I love a new year. It feels like a clean slate. It feels like an opportunity to really look closely at the past year and evaluate all the things. Not only in business life, but in our personal life too.

What felt like went well and what felt like a constant effort and fight. What served our family and our lifestyle and what took from time we could have otherwise had together. What contributed to the quality of year we had and what can we do without in 2023.

Do you choose a word of the year? I didn't this year, but I did notice a phrase coming to mind as I pondered 2023, and I love the concept.

In 2023 , I want to just do enough.

Not more, not increase and grow...just do enough.

As a business owner growth can often be a driver. Doing more, taking on more, expanding, and ultimately making more. Being a new business owner (2019) myself, some of those things, as healthy as they are when you run a business, certainly were on my to do lists in Januarys of the past. That drive has served me well over the last few years, and 2022 was indeed our best year yet.

A lady leaning on the doorway of a red hiproof barn.  She is holding a bundle of winter greenery.  Snow is laying on the ground
Petals And Stems Famous Market/ Workshop Barn

Our goal(ours as in my husband and I) for 2023 is to maintain our momentum from 2022. That is it. I want to just do enough. I want to focus on what makes sense. I want to pour into the parts of Petals and Stems that are all the parts that I love, and start saying no to things that feel like I am forcing them. I want 2023 to be a year we invest more into our family, into our life. We always have, to be honest, but we want to do it with more presence in 2023.

This certainly does not mean 2023 wont bring changes, because it will. We are looking forward to doing more workshops for spring, summer and fall in the barn this year. Our wedding schedule is already packed fuller than last summers, and of course we will be hopping again for winter of 2023.

Lady sitting on a wooden spool in rustic barn.  The barn is set up as a cold shopping space for winter outdoor pots and outdoor wreaths etc.  Petals and Stems rural Vermilion Ab winter workshops
Just Sipping Cider!

I was actually listening to a podcast a few weeks ago, I believe it was the Goal Digger podcast by Jenna Kutcher, and loved something she shared there. What if in 2023 our success was based on a feeling rather than a financial goal. This hit home to me...and is another reason why just doing enough is my new moto. I want to feel in flow this year, I don't want to take on things that ignite stress and serious anxiety, I want to offer things from a place of love and ease. It is the best way.

2022 taught us as a family so much. There were some really great days and experiences this past year, and there were some really hard days filled with heart aches, big reminders and lessons. 2022 taught me to not start the new year by saying "2023 I am so excited for everything that lay ahead this year", as I have carelessly said in times past. It caused me to feel a little caution in being anxious to rush time ahead. It taught to me to enjoy those we walk this life with, to be a better friend, to treasure each day...even the long uneventful ones. Above all things 2022 taught me to chase after the feeling of peace and ease, in our home and in business, and not growth. It taught me the need to just do enough this year.

Thanks for being here friend. It means the world to have your continued support. We anticipate more great memories to be made together this year. From our family to you and yours, we wish you the best in


Photo credit goes to Rebecca Westman Photography @

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