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What We Offer Here at Petals And Stems and Why.

Petals and Stems was born out my dreams.

For years, as I wrestled with how and when my floral business could/would start to unravel, I was super hesitant. I did not give myself permission to act on my feelings for a long long time, but I most definitely dreamt about it. Many "maybe one day" Pinterest boards were filled to the brim with visuals of my biggest dreams. I knew how I wanted things to look, I knew the design styles I would be offering and I certainly knew how it would feel.

As you may know, Petals and Stems caters to wedding florals and is a seasonal florist and workshop creator.

Let's look at that a little closer.

Over the years as we(my husband and I) considered many possible avenues we could visit regarding a business venture for me to begin, there were two main driving forces. My love for flowers, and my love for environments that evoked feelings.

My love for flowers may be pretty obvious, as I have been dabbling in the floral industry for many years.

Offering modern blooms and styles to couples, that helps share a little of them as a couple is a privilege to me. Sitting and learning about them, getting to know their vision and then making it bloom is one of the best parts of my job. It is so rewarding and adds so much to couples special day. Some think flowers only last the day, but I love that as a wedding florist I get the honor of designing florals that will live a lifetime in photos, videos and the hearts of your guests.

The why behind the second driving force is maybe not so obvious. My love for environments that evoke feelings.

If you ask me my favorite business place to visit, as of today, I would say Davison Orchards. This is a BC orchard, that lights a fire in my soul. Our family has most often visited in the fall months, which happens to be my favorite season. The fields of apple trees, the boxes of pumpkins for sale, the smell of cinnamon and the taste of cider, it is just everything. Even thinking about it warms up my insides.

That is the firsts place that pops into my mind, but you may not be surprised to learn that all of my favorite places, stem from the feeling I have while there. Something about the place that evokes emotion.

That is where the workshop idea was born from.

Since moving to Vermilion Ab from Kitscoty, we now have the best little set up to really bring all the

visions into full bloom. It has been hard as we have navigated the waiting time for the perfect acreage, to have things unfold as we have envisioned. We are settled here now, ha, or getting settled, and are ready to start truly bringing all the dreams to life.

Gathering people together is something I hold close to my heart. Providing cozy and inviting atmospheres is also something I enjoy doing, and so offering floral workshops here at Petals and Stems is definitely a great way to step into that aspect of who I am and what I love.

Whether in the floral studio, out in our yard, or in the big red barn, I sure hope that one day you will come and enjoy some time with us here getting creative nurturing friendships and togetherness.

Of course I hope that you will also consider Petals and Stems for your upcoming wedding, as there is so many stories that can be told with flowers, and I would be honored to tell yours.

I look forward to connecting with you, in whatever form that may be, whenever it may happen.

Have a happy day.

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