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Bloom With Petals and Stems

Wow, it has been a long time. So much has happened since I last stopped in to chat!

For one, I have had to throw this cute dress out that I have loved to pieces for a few years now!! Now, that is game changing for you to note!

Seriously though, I have some news. I am doing a new thing. I have started an Instagram page called, Bloom with Petals and Stems!

To be honest it has been in existence for some time over on Facebook, as a private group but I have switched gears and have started it up over on Instagram instead.

So far on the new platform, I have kept it pretty general...I have been feeling things out to see what direction I officially want to go with my latest passion project. However I have officially narrowed it down.

I am going to aid new to the industry designers, and business owners with all things floral world. From the hands on stuff including design techniques, as well as the back end stuff, to conquering the mental hurtles we all face. Feeling like an imposter, not knowing our niche in the market, getting rid of any feelings of the need to compete, seeing "mistakes" as learning opportunities and so much more.

I have been coaching new florists, those new to the industry, or new to the business world of flowers, for a few months now. Providing some workshops, and courses, and one on one phone chats/ zoom calls where we talk all things business and design. It has lit a fire in me that has been brewing for some time, so I am taking the leap officially.

I have become extremely obsessed with business mindset over the last few years of my own journey. I have been through a ton of struggle, and have over come so many things! I just want to share with others just starting out, the easier way to approach things. I want to share not only the struggles, but the major breakthroughs that have led me to complete design freedom and confidence in my business. I want to be there for new florists, to be their support.

When I stepped into the industry 20+ years ago, I had a built in support system of some amazing floral veterans. People that could share their learned knowledge, that could guide me. People who let me sit in on wedding consultations, and learn, who taught me how to price a wedding, and do many behind the scenes things that all business owners, in this industry, need to know.

Many are jumping into this industry these days with just a love in their hearts for flowers and creative design, and do not have that built in support.

I want to be that for you.

I am so excited to share what has worked, and what has not worked. I am excited to give you any tips I can that will assist you in the behind the scenes business world, as well as the hands on part of floral design. I will warn you, in addition I am also very passionate about our mindset and how it effects our marketing and overall business success.

I am so glad you are here and can not wait to connect with you more, over @ on Instagram.

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