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Do you have a Pinterest board full of all your big dreams?

How about we bring them to life!

Janine Carpenter
Founder & Designer

Congratulations on your engagement and thank you so much for stopping by Petals and Stems.
We are lovers of modern blooms, naturally flowing trendy bouquets, and making your visions bloom.
At Petals and Stems, we understand that this is a very exciting time, and alongside the excitement, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed or have some questions. We are very dedicated to going above and beyond to help you on this journey and are appreciated for our willingness to go the extra mile, our honesty, and our creative abilities.

Below you will find a link to the outline of what it looks like to work with Petals and Stems and also links to blog posts that will answer some of the most frequently asked questions.  Once you have had a chance to browse through these links and if you feel as though we would be a great team please fill out the wedding inquiry form.

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