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Hey faithful friends and followers. It is always a highlight in my day when I get to sit down and share with you. Sometimes I share tips and tricks, and sometimes I just share tidbits that help you get to know me, the face behind Petals and Stems.

Today I am going to tell you a little about me, in case you are just dropping by for the first time. I will also tell you about what it is I do.

My name is Janine Carpenter and this lady right here in this picture is me! I have been involved in the world of florals for 19 years, and started Petals and Stems just over a year ago. Over the previous 18 years I have spent some of that time in a local flower shop, and part of the time working seasonally at a greenhouse here in Kitscoty Ab. When I was not employed at either of those places, I was busy raising our 3 kiddos, and doing the flower thing on the side.

I don't know if you are familiar with this feeling or not, but I spent a number of years with a feeling in my gut that I wanted to own my own company. It took a lot of sorting, but the day finally came when I received the clarity, and courage to take the plunge. That is when Petals and Stems was born!!

Petals and Stems is a home based business ran and operated by yours truly. I am not a flower shop. Phew, I just had to get that out of the way. Petals and Stems is a wedding and event floral company and workshop creator.

Let me put it this way. I do what I want, when I want and how I want. Haha, now you think I am a bag...I just know it. I promise you I'm not. I am just a girl with a passion for doing what I love and doing it in a way that serves you and me both.

Not being a flower shop that is open 6 days a week allows me to stay sharp for those whom I design for. It allows me the freedom to pour a lot into my brides and those planning any type of event, as well as to be there for our 3 bumpkins. I have spent a lot of years in the industry and have come to know and trust other florists in the area to take care of your everyday floral needs.

At certain times of the year I do cater to the general public for events such as Mothers Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can place an order and I will gladly help you out. Often at these times workshops are also provided. These event celebrations will always be posted and advertised on my social media accounts.

Creating workshops is a huge passion of mine. I must say that I especially gravitate to winter workshops, where we create warm winter welcomes together during our cold winter months. This is likely the easiest time of year for me to also get creative with workshops as it is the wedding off season.

Winter workshops vary, but include things such as wreaths and outdoor pot designs for your front porch to warmly welcome your guests. I am happy to host the workshops but I am also happy to bring the workshop to you. Do you have a group of gals that want a private workshop instead of a attending an open workshop with others you may or may not know? That also is welcomed here.

Covid19 has added an interesting element to this, as we have a few more things to consider going forward but we are still hoping to be able to go ahead as usual while following all the protocols this winter.

I am choosing to focus a lot on workshops in this blog post today as I feel it is something that during the wedding season can get overlooked and even unnoticed by new comers. When you visit my social media accounts during the summer and fall months you will be greeted by many posts of weddings I have been busy designing for. I am sorry for this, but really not that sorry. Balancing all the things is hard for me, I will admit. It seems I get consumed by where I am at in the moment.

So what else? I have covered that I am not a flower shop, open to the public on a regular basis. You know that weddings are my main jam, and right up next to that is workshop creating. Hmmm....anything else you should know?

Here is anther little thing. It is far from a little thing, but so far it is something taking up only a very small part of my business.

I love to work with families during times of loss. Our family has faced tragedy/loss first hand ourselves, and I have a huge spot in my heart for others going through the process.

Story telling with flowers is what I do, and so I love to sit with families and learn about their loved one so I can create bereavement pieces that capture who they were and what they loved. At the time of loss, the pieces chosen to represent your loved one are like a final tribute. I have a heart for this type of work.

Do you have any questions? Please ask if you do. Feel free to write me through this site, call me at 639-840-0713(or text) and please follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop with all that's happening with us here at Petals and Stems.

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