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Hello 2024

Updated: Jan 25

Standing on the shores of a new year is such a wonderful place to be standing.   Still able to see what was and yet, the longer we wait we can catch a wee glimpse of the possibilities slowly coming our way.

Today I am going to be honest and vulnerable about 2023.

I was telling a recently acquired business coach the other day, that by the end of 2023 I felt like I was just “treading water.” My feet, regarding business, felt as if they were no longer planted on anything- and they were just kicking or...maybe flailing would be a better way to describe it.

My goals no longer on the radar, but rather it felt as though I was grasping at new ideas-making big decisions on the fly- and then there were my thoughts- Oofta, those were taking me down rabbit holes not intended for me to dwell.

So I am sharing this with my coach and do you know what she said to me??  With beautiful grace she reminded me that not having our feet planted on anything solid isn’t always bad- it can mean we are moving(swimming) towards something better.

How is that for a perspective switch???

A few days later I was soaking up some business goodness on a podcast and the podcast host was trying to drill in the message that things happen for us, not to us.   There is no need to see “failures” as just that- failure, but as an opportunity for growth. Pointing out that this turns the world in to a canvas for transformation.

Oofta- how did they know what I needed to hear???

As I sat with all of this, and chatted so helpfully with my coach, do you know what has become crystal clear about 2023??    I need to let 2023 be my teacher.   I need to thank 2023 for not only every success, and there was success, but also for its lessons.    A lot of those are lessons I have had to learn about my very own self. I am going to let 2023 be the back drop of the painting and allow it to help make the next layer that much more beautiful.

As we have began 2024, I am so thankful for the rest that has come, the time to be still and quiet.   The chance to be grounded again.   The deepest desire I have for 2024 also coming so clear-to do better, be better.

Doing better at goal setting, and staying focused on my goals. I want to do better at keeping "serving" at the front of heart and mind. Serving my valued Petals And Stems community whenever I can with all the thankfulness I have. I want to do better at staying focused on what is going on here, within the walls of my own offerings, do better listening, do better at communicating. To be honest I think at the end of the day I need to do better from the inside out. Need to get back in tune with what matters most to me, and why. I need to do better at staying grounded in myself and the things that flow easily and freely from me, and allow it to be enough.

I have a lot to learn, but I am so thankful that as 2024 begins I have a fresh appreciation for how 2023 ended. I am thankful for the message that I have received that treading water wasn't a bad thing- that the feeling of flailing was just my bodies way of letting me know it was time to find my footing again. For this I am so thankful.

I am also so thankful for you all- so kindly standing by-supporting this beautiful dream. Petals and Stems is so honored to have the best tribe EVER. Happy New Year, and let's all embrace the lessons life handed us this past year. Let life be a canvas for transformations.

Love and Hugs.

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