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At Petals And Stems we love to take away your stress. Not only do we specialize in making your visions bloom, but we also are known for offering full service weddings to couples who want to spend those last few days leading up to their big day as relaxed and worry free as possible.

Picture this...

It is the week of your wedding. You decided it would pay to do all the table centers yourself, throw together some faux flowers for your archway, quickly do up something for your flower girls...oh and your aunty has to get instructed as to how to place the greenery on all of the tables for the reception. Just so, I may add, as you have a distinct vision of how it will nestle around the candle holders and not look sparse.

This is raising my blood pressure just painting this picture. I can feel it. This is supposed to be the happiest most enjoyable time of your life and you have endless loose ends to tie up, you can't sleep and you are stressed beyond measure. Do I sound like I have been witness to this before??

The other day I wrote a social media post about a question that changed how I looked at things in 2021. It changed how I did business and it changed how we even made our personal decisions. The question was this. "Can you afford not to..."

There is a chance that it may seem pricey to pay for a fully serviced wedding(all floral related things to be done for you on site)but just a minute...Can you afford not to??

There will always be an exchange of some form required to make a purchase or to complete a task. Sometimes the cost isn't to our pocket book, as much as the exchange costs us a lot of time, our peace of mind, our joy, it adds to our stress. There is always an exchange required. So instead of thinking "wow, we can't afford this"...what about looking at it differently...can you afford not to?

If you find yourself on the fence about whether or not it is worth it to make the investment, I encourage you to narrow down what the cost of the service actually is. Often the total comes in one lump sum. It can be overwhelming to digest it all...but if you really pick it apart and look at it closely what is it actually costing you to have no extra stress on the most important day ever??

Can you afford not to?

I am not trying to make a slimy sales pitch, I genuinely care. I have been a bride, and I have been associated with more in the 20 years as a florist than I could ever count. I know how it goes. On the flip side, I also know about budgets being a real thing. At the end of the day you have to do what is best for you. You have to decide what exchange you are willing to make for the day of your dreams, choose your "cost". I will never judge those who want to take it upon fact, I applaud you, it is no small thing. We are always happy to help make that process run as smoothly as possible for you as well. However, in case you can't afford not to, here, let me do that for you.

Happy Planning.

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