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It is time to chat about winter workshops!

Good day! Let's take a few minutes to chat about winter workshops that are on the horizon at Petals and Stems. First of all, I am so so excited.

I am scheduled to have a chat with my web designer after Thanksgiving, to get all the "planned/public" workshops up on my website and available for you to purchase a seat. However in the meantime, I am tossing out something for you all to chew on.

Planned/Public workshop just means that we may all be strangers. We will practice social distancing and have much smaller workshop numbers. As I have already mentioned, those classes and dates will be posted in a few weeks.

The other option is for you to book a date for just those you know/that are part of your cohort group. This may be a more comfortable option for you during this time. In this case, I ask that if this is something that appeals to you, to please reach out to both me and your group so we can start discussing some options, and if possibly set a date.

I will mention that Even once my class dates are listed and chosen, you are free at any time to ask to book those dates for your private group.

Ok, now on to answering your amazing and great questions. What are the class options? What is the cost? What is included? How many people can attend? Where will the classes be held?

The class options vary. I am still waiting for some of my containers and fun products to show up so I still have to keep a few secrets from you. Last year I offered outdoor pot classes(as shown in the above photo), wreath workshops of different kinds, as well as centerpiece workshops. Really the sky is the limit.

This year I have a few new ideas to throw into the mix but you will have to wait for those details. Sorry!! The suspense...

Maybe the most burning question to answer to help you make a decision is the one around cost and then what is included. This is where the sky really is the limit.

Classes for the most part are $75 and up. The popular outdoor pot workshops are closer to the $100 price point. One option for you as details get finalized on my end, is for you to choose a price and I can discuss the options with you. I just need the next few weeks to make sure my orders all arrive, and to unpack products and finalize all the last min. things.

Everything you need is always included in the workshop price. Your container/wreath form, fresh greens, all the additional inserts(berries/cones/bows etc) and tools you will need to complete the project.

As shown in this photo, the container used for all outdoor pots is just a simple black bucket. You will then place this inside of a garden urn or pot you already own. This helps keep class cost down. I will note that I will have many beautiful Winter decor pots at the classes for you to purchase separately if you would like.

Class sizes have changed. I have a min. of 8 attendees in order for the classes to happen. If you are not all from the same "bubble/cohort" group, my max. capacity at my studio is also 8. That number can change depending on if some that attend are of the same group and do not require to be socially distanced. If you have a larger group size, we can discuss renting a space here in Kitscoty that could accommodate you better.


Petals and Stems in located in Kitscoty Ab. I am a home based business that has spent 19 years expressing myself through design. I have a love for educating, and helping you learn, and have fun. I can not wait to hear what you think.

Feel free to message me here, or through any of my social media platforms, or my cell number is 1-639-840-0713.

Thanks for stopping by I can't wait to get creative with you.

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