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The most referred to wedding to date!!!

This is it friends!!! This beautiful couple was married just about 2 years ago(next month), and people mention this wedding ALL THE TIME!

“I just loved Rikkea’s bouquet” or “I have always been in love with the colours used in The Rogers wedding”. The comments are never ending!

I get it, totally! It was modern, both in the colour choices and product details, they heavily flowered their event, and they are just all around an amazing and beautiful couple! What is there NOT to talk about?

The gentle cascade of orchids, and the accent of pampas grass beautifully tied together the toffee roses and made the quicksand roses shine in all their champagne goodness. This was a beautiful boho bouquet. The tinges of brown beach leaves also added to the overall effect! Oh man, this has me wanting to experience this day all over again!!!

It is very fun to reminisce and recall all the beauty there was this day. It was a day to remember in so many ways. Photos were captured by the talented Meghan Doering Photography | Facebook . Kim with Narra Studios | Video Production | Lloydminster, Alberta / Saskatchewan also was involved capturing a beautify video of this day. Here in the Lloydminster area, we are beyond blessed to have so much talent at our finger tips.

So tell me, can you see why it is my most referred to wedding? Sometimes it is the colours, as I mentioned above, sometimes it is the design style, the minimal amount of greenery, or just the overall boho vibe. Why don't you share with me in comments what your favorite part is? I would to know!!!

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