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The Process

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I am Janine, the owner and main designer at Petals and Stems.

Below is a link to my wedding inquiry form. This form helps answer some important questions I will have for you.

Am I available for your wedding day? What is your style? Are we a good match?

Yes, that is very important to me as a wedding florist.

All wedding florists have a thing they do best, we all have a specialty. I want to know we are on the same page and if not I want to direct you to where I know your needs will be met.

See the blog post “choosing a florist” for more information on this.

Once your form is submitted, I will personally look over all the details. At this point, after I have confirmed availability (or not) and feel confident we will make a great team, I will personally contact you.

A complimentary consultation will then be set up. This gives us the chance to meet, and go over all of the floral details for your day. See the blog post “Before you sit with your florist” to help you get acquainted with your vision.

Now that we have met and have got your visions unfolded and on paper, I can do up your quote. By no means does this mean that you can not change your order or your mind about your flower choices.

The only way to save your date with Petals and Stems is to provide a 50% (or $500) non-refundable deposit and doing up a quote is how this number is formed. Through the weeks and months ahead you are free to reach out with questions, inquiries or changes at any time. Flower orders have to be placed 4 weeks in advance so up to that point changes can be made. The final payment must be made 48 hours before the flowers are picked up.

I can’t wait to work with you!

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