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What will my flowers cost?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Welcome to the most frequently asked question.

Petals and Stems has 19 years in the industry and knows there are brides out there that want something different and that long for a bouquet that looks like the ones on their “dream wedding” Pinterest board.

This comes at a cost.

Modern blooms are more pricey than modern blooms of the past. When the demand is high, so is the price. The growers are working hard, needing more staff, suppliers are bringing these products in from the others sides of the world when it is off season here in Canada. The reasons for the higher price tags are endless.

If you are curious to learn more about "why flowers cost so much" click and read more.

The premium blooms and the signature style that Petals and Stems has become known for is one of the biggest things that sets us apart. Premium roses, garden roses, peonies, ranunculus and lisianthus are among our favorite flowers to include in our lush bouquets.

They are also your favorites. We have proven this to be true.

To date, our average wedding flower total is most often found around $1100+ This includes the bridal bouquet, approx. 4 bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages for the wedding party and family members, as well as a toss bouquet. Other small floral pieces may be included in the price also, such as cake flowers. As soon as we get talking about table accents and archway flowers the price will go up.

If you are on a tight budget Petals and Stems is happy to steer you in the best direction for you. Petals and Stems specializes in stunning lush bouquets, excellent customer service, honesty and integrity. We are not for everyone but certainly do not mind giving you guidance so you can find the perfect fit for you.

Thank you so much for being here.

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