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Garten of Banban 2: The Ultimate Guide to the Mysterious Garden

1. Explore the underworld of Banban Kindergarten: It turns out that Banban Kindergarten has a huge underground facility! Who would have thought? Unfortunately, your discovery is a painful one, as your curiosity crashes your elevator. You must now explore this new area of the facility you landed on, uncover the horrific truth behind this place, and escape with your life.

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2. Make more friends: The potential to make friends at Banban Kindergarten is endless! The friends you made in the first Garten in Banban were only a fraction of the ones to make, now that you're trapped in a deeper room after the events of the first game, you're bound to make more!

Garten of Banban 2 is a free first-person horror game that has similar settings and elements to Poppy Playtime. You find yourself in an abandoned kindergarten school, wondering what happened to all the children and teachers. As you investigate, you notice that some of the mascots are alive and unfriendly. Other similar games include Poppy Game - It's Playtime and Poppy Horror: Scary Playtime.

In the first game, you investigated an abandoned kindergarten school where everyone had gone missing. You thought you were almost done when you fell into a hidden underground facility. Garten of Banban 2 continues the horrific adventure, letting you explore the immense location under the school.

In part 1 of the game, you were thrown into a bizarre kindergarten named Bandan. Here you have to struggle to find a way out, and at the same time not get caught by a terrifying entity that people call the Rainbow Monster. At the end of part 1, in the most complete ending, you have safely escaped from the horrible colorful school and thought you had escaped that place forever.

Part 2 continues when you accidentally find out that Bandan Kindergarten turns out to have another massive school system underground, which is abandoned and also in good condition. After an elevator breakdown while enjoying the scenery outside the school when you escape, you are immediately dropped into a strange dark area. This is the remains of the iceberg, the secret facility that has been buried deep in the ground of Bandan.

Strange Events in KindergartenGarten of Banban 2 on Android is a continuation of a rather frightening adventure first-person view, where you will again become a participant in a dark story that takes place on the territory of a kindergarten and a creepy basement location. You will have to re-explore various rooms, look into dark rooms, fraught with danger and puzzles. During the adventure you will meet a lot of different creatures, some will look pretty cute, but it is important to be constantly on the lookout, as any character can be unfriendly.

In this game, players take on the role of Banban, a young student at a kindergarten in a small town. Banban's kindergarten is not your ordinary kindergarten; it's a magical world with hidden secrets and mysterious creatures. The game begins with Banban receiving a letter from his friend, who has disappeared in the underworld of the kindergarten.

Help Garten of Banban crimson hero win towards the highest garten of banban inexperienced hero and enhance your dancing and singing performances. Run, sprint, leap or fly in infinite rush to have enjoyable with Garten of Banban heroes dancing Game. Dancing and singing reflexes to succeed in the excessive scores!

Let the captivating journey of Garten of Banban 2 take you to the whimsical world inside Banban Kindergarten and explore its most hidden corners as you unravel its secrets. Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test as you navigate this clandestine facility while finding clues to progress through levels and reveal all that it hides.

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Can you survive this twisted world of Banban Kindergarten? Your determination and fortitude will be thoroughly tested as you strive to survive this journey. Try Garten of Banban 2 APK and bring out the hero in you.

Besides, the game's stunning artwork, captivating music, and mesmerizing characters combine to form an unforgettable experience that will keep you glued to your screen. As you explore the depths of Banban Kindergarten, you will be surprised to discover the secrets hidden within.

Garten of Banban 2 Mod APK is the continuation of a creepy and dark story about strange events in a kindergarten. You have to go again to the most dangerous place and the terrible rooms of the building in order to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of children, as well as save the remaining inhabitants. Reveal the truth and eliminate the source of all the troubles of the locals. The first person game offers puzzles, skimmers, mazes, traps and other challenges.

You need to explore the building from the first person, interacting with the environment and solving puzzles of varying difficulty. The hero gets to the lower tier of the kindergarten with the help of an elevator that breaks off its hinges, cutting off the way back. In addition to enemies, the main character of Garten of Banban 2 meets friends along the way. However, their history is not so simple. You can fight with opponents, but the main character is quite weak, so you need to use stealth or run away.

Welcome to the kindergarten "Banban": It turns out that he has a huge dungeon! Your curiosity led to an elevator accident oaf!. Now you need to explore this new level, uncover the terrible truth about the place and get out alive. "New friends" are waiting for you! Friendship in Banban is inexhaustible, check for yourself!

Garten of Banban 2 MOD APK is inspired by the mysterious preschool like in the first version. In this game, you will transform into a brave character. Thereby uncovering the secret facility, finding a way to escape, and solving the mystery of Banban Kindergarten through your smart decisions.

Continuing the story of the abandoned kindergarten, Garten of Banban 2 will bring players a whole new experience through the exciting built-in content. It all starts when you find out that Banban Kindergarten has a secret underground facility. At this point, your curiosity has put you in danger as you go on an underground adventure to delve deeper into the abandoned kindergarten.

There are many interesting challenges waiting for you to discover in Garten of Banban 2. This game will help you better understand the unusually abandoned kindergarten mentioned in the previous version. At the same time, you need to demonstrate your problem-solving skills to stay safe from any challenge. Thereby decoding the truth behind the abandoned kindergarten in this game.

1. Explora el inframundo de Banban Kindergarten: Resulta que Banban Kindergarten tiene una enorme instalación subterránea! Quien lo hubiera pensado? Desafortunadamente, su descubrimiento es doloroso, ya que su curiosidad bloquea su ascensor. Ahora debe explorar esta nueva área de la instalación en la que aterrizó, descubrir la horrible verdad detrás de este lugar y escapar con vida.


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