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Casting had been challenging; the film focuses on both queer and Jewish culture, so Seligman and the producers wanted to find actors who would "feel authentic to the material".[27] Seligman felt it was important to cast Jewish actors but was open to other people if they seemed perfect for the role.[27] She also discussed authentic queer representation with The Hindu, calling it a "trickier issue"; having spoken with actors who are not out, Seligman said that "for everyone on screen playing a queer character to be out and proud and talking about their sexuality [...] is a lot to ask of someone."[36] Casting director Kate Geller went to the Jewish theatre community in New York for most of the cast.[23] Due to the low budget, they looked to only cast actors based in New York City,[30] with the exception of Fred Melamed, whom the production flew out from Los Angeles. Melamed had accepted the role of Joel based on reading the script alone.[37] Unbeknownst to Seligman, several cast members already knew each other, such as Melamed and Polly Draper (who plays his wife Debbie), who were friends from the Yale School of Drama; she used this as an advantage on set,[30] though Draper had originally been sought to play a different role in the film.[37] The production had been looking for a Jewish actress to play Debbie, but Seligman said that Draper "put a spell on [her] and [she] had to say yes."[31][38] Seligman's own mother also wanted Draper to play the mother character in the movie.[26] Draper improvised on-set for her character a lot, as well as adding a mother's perspective,[37] though the production did not have time for full improvisation.[19]

'Sheba, Baby' full movie download in italian


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