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Korg Electribe Sx Samples Download


Korg Electribe Sx Samples Download

The free electribe loops, samples and sounds listed here have been kindly uploaded by other users. If you use any of these electribe loops please leave your comments. Read the loops section of the help area and our terms and conditions for more information on how you can use the loops. Any questions on using these files contact the user who uploaded them. Please contact us to report any files that you feel may be in breach of copyright or our upload guidelines.

For those of you interested in these samples, you can download the Open Electribe Editor and extract the samples, but really it is best heard on the ESX where things can get crazy pretty quickly with Motion Sequences, pitch drops, LFO on the pitch or cutoff, etc.

the smaller tribes all have things in common: they all have 4 measures (64steps = 16x4)), the big ones (MX,SX) have 8 (128steps=16x8). the X/big ones also have 3 FX busses and more synthesis features and Standard Controllers whilst the smaller ones use NRPN Controllers (csacaded controllers, can be recorded but hard to edit). also the big ones can write a pattern while playing and will save the pattern with the current MUTE settings. the smaller ones can be edited while playing, too but to store the pattern you need to stop the machine, the mutes are always ignored, so you need to mute it all with quick fingers when going to another pattern on the smaller ones.. ah, the big ones got the valves in it.. but you can only use them on master out.. anyway the big ones got a better routing and 4 outs (instead of just 2)the mk2 tribes offer almost the same exept the mod delay replaces the wah effect and on the r mk2 crossmodulation replaces ringmod.the sample tribes: the tribe S / ES / ES1 (or the mk2 version which is the same but with nicer metal case and silver instead of green): all work with 4MB of ram and 32khz, the ESX has a real filter with envelope and resonance, you can set the start point and have the LFO for mod purpose and 44.1khz sample rate! and of course much ore RAM: 25MB and more memories (256 instead of 99 on the es1)the es and sx are the only SAMPLE based tribes! there are rom based samples in the MX and M ! but you can not use your own samples here.. the mx is a synthesizer, a bit like a smaller version of the korg prophecy.. ;) means: you got FM (PD) kind of models along with sync or even chords.. but you only got very few parameters that get to live using the motion recording / lfos etc..the first smaller tribes (EA and ER) do not provide velocity control ,you need to record the level with motion record!! there is no accent! and no roll/flam (thats the korg word for retriggering a sound within the 16step grid with double or more speed .. for snare roll/flam and dnb kind of stuff or autechre like hihat clounds.. ;))melodies: can only be made with the melody tracks on tribes a,m,mx,sx,a mk2.. if you want it to control midi gear you need them! if you do not need to control external synths you can just record the pitch on an ES1,r,r mk2 and play "melodies" with the drumparts!! no problem! but it will trigger the same midi note..!! the drum parts can also be used for this!! so you can also "play melodies" on any tribe but it will still send only ONE note pitch via midi because the pitch is stored and controlled via "motion control" .. you can reacord midi keyboard played notes or use the step keys as a keyboard or use the step mode.. the new small korg electribe series es mk2, ea mk2 and er mk2 the es1 mk2 has the same features as the old es1 exept the new nice matal casing

I love these drum samples since they remind me of contemporary artists such as Com Truise and John Maus. Especially the congas in this sample pack have a great tone to it, which is perfect to pitch and EQ. This sample pack is totally free to download from 1e1e36bf2d


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