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F Zero Gx Iso Ntsc J

Let's start off with how the different versions starts the game.To trigger this menu in NTSC versions you have to hold "B" upon starting the game.In the PAL version this screen is unavoidable.In the images below I am using the NTSC-J and PAL versions of the game as examples.NTSC requests whether you want to display the image in progressive mode (480p) or not (480i).Keep in mind that it's the same in the NTSC-U version, except that it has been translated into English, of course.However, in the PAL version, the game instead requests whether you want to display the image in either 60Hz (480i) or 50Hz (576i).*The number in top-right corner of the PAL version is a counter (in seconds) before the game proceeds by itself.Once zero is reached, whatever option that's selected in yellow will be used.

F zero gx iso ntsc j


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