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Leo Rivera
Leo Rivera

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These Visual Novels take time to make. Such quality and writing paired with the fact that he is a solo developer for 2 games. It makes sense it takes so much time. But dont worry. He has dont significant work for chapter 5 and he needs to complete the second part of the chapter 2 rework now. I expect the update in mid-late summer. The update will have around 2000 renders in contrast to chapter 4.5 with just 1520. And another 800-1000 for the rest of chapter 2 rework the update will be significantly bigger

You searched for summer gone В» FAP NATION GAMES | Best For Download Adult Games

a really good game, awesome girls, bella is hot and nami is the best girl in the game but i wish this game had a harem opportunity, such a waste cus i love all the girls in this game which is really rare for these games, 041b061a72


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