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Janne Da Arc Discography Lossless

Janne Da Arc Discography Lossless

Janne Da Arc was a Japanese rock band that formed in 1996 and disbanded in 2007. The band consisted of yasu (vocals), you (guitar), ka-yu (bass), kiyo (keyboards) and shuji (drums). They were known for their diverse musical style, ranging from pop rock to heavy metal, and their visual kei image. They released 10 studio albums, 3 compilation albums, 2 live albums and 27 singles during their career.

Janne Da Arc Discography Lossless


If you are a fan of Janne Da Arc and want to enjoy their music in lossless quality, you have a few options to find their discography. One option is to use torrent sites like Nyaa[^1^], where you can find various uploads of their albums and singles in FLAC or WAV format. However, you should be careful of the legal risks and potential malware when downloading from such sources. Another option is to buy their CDs from online stores like Amazon or CDJapan, where you can find most of their releases at reasonable prices. You can then rip the CDs to your preferred lossless format using software like Exact Audio Copy or dBpoweramp. This way, you can support the artists and get the best sound quality possible.

Here is a list of Janne Da Arc's discography in chronological order:

  • DÂNÂA (1998)

  • Resist (1999)

  • GAIA (2000)

  • Z-HARD (2001)

  • ANOTHER STORY (2002)

  • ARCADIA (2003)

  • JOKER (2004)

  • FURIOUS (2005)

  • SINGLES 2 (2006)


I hope this helps you find and enjoy Janne Da Arc's music in lossless quality.Janne Da Arc's musical style was influenced by various genres and artists, such as glam rock, hard rock, metal, punk, pop, blues and classical music. They often experimented with different sounds and arrangements, creating songs that were catchy, melodic, energetic and emotional. Some of their notable songs include "Mysterious", "Gekkouka", "Kiss Me", "DOLLS", "Diamond Virgin", "FREEDOM" and "HEAVEN".

The band also had a distinctive visual kei image, which is a subculture of Japanese rock that emphasizes elaborate costumes, makeup and hairstyles. Janne Da Arc's visual style changed over the years, from colorful and flamboyant outfits in their early days, to more dark and Gothic themes in their later years. They also used various props and accessories, such as masks, feathers, chains and crosses. Their visual appearance was meant to express their individuality and creativity, as well as to match their musical mood and concept.

Janne Da Arc was one of the most popular and influential bands in the Japanese rock scene, especially in the 2000s. They had a loyal fan base and sold millions of records. They also performed at many live events and concerts, including some at large venues like the Tokyo Dome and the Osaka-jo Hall. They were praised for their musical skills, charisma and stage presence. They also collaborated with other artists, such as LUNA SEA, GLAY, hide and Gackt. e0e6b7cb5c


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