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Buy Customized Dog Tags In India ##VERIFIED##

Serialize your tags with a counter variable. Use for crab-trap, membership, & industrial tags. Design a single template tag and use the character to represent a number that automatically increments on each subsequent tag (up to 25 tags). Click for changes to take effect. Learn more here.

buy customized dog tags in india

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Your dog is unique, and their supplies should be too! We offer full personalization on almost all of our products, including our personalized dog collars and custom dog tags, as well as our martingale collars, harnesses, leashes, bowls, and many other personalized dog accessories we manufacture in-house. Keep your custom pet tags simple with our high power deep laser engraving or get creative with customizable colors and fonts on our embroidered leashes, harnesses, and collars. The sky is the limit and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

No dog gets left out at dogIDs where you can have custom dog tags made for specific breeds. Your dog breed silhouette can have a brief personalized inscription along with a variety of fonts to choose from, making for a distinctive design created exclusively by pet parents.

Our canine-loving staff works hard to provide the best quality products for the complete safety of your precious pet. Personalized dog collar tags should be durable yet stylish because you never know when the puparazzi will show up.

With SiliDog silicone silent pet tags - you won't hear annoying noise, and even better, they're durable, fun, and never fade. When your furry family member needs it most - SiliDog will be there to make sure their information is easily identifiable.

I have a Cattle-Collie--who likes to ride the airwaves! Her tags used to deafen her with jingling. We bought four..and put them on collars, harnesses and swimming gear. She loves them (because they don't jingle) and we love the material and colors!

I'm picking up my new puppy, Ava, next week and wanted to have a special nametag for her on our flight home. She's a white miniature schnauzer. The Silidog tags stood out from the Amazon crowd, and I ordered it 5 days ago. Prompt shipping and a personal note arrived today with a great product! I look forward to other Silidog products!

This is fifth tag for a pet, not because of problems with tags, mostly because of new pets. We love them. They are so quiet when the dogs have them on and even when they have to wear other tags (rabies or city license) you can put the silitag in the center and it buffers the noise! These are the only ID tags are animals wear now!

Make your pet feel more adored with the customized dog tags and dog tag chains from Printvenue. Explore an astounding collection and buy dog tag online at best prices. Customize the dog tag with a name of your choice for the personal touch.

Customize Dog Tags online on best prices in India. Printvenue brings a unique collection of Dog Tags which you can customize easily with a name of your choice. Explore the customized Dog Tags templates online and order online.

**PLEASE NOTE** If you are ordering more than one dog tag, please provide ALL names separated by a comma in the name box above. For example, I would like to order two dog tags for my two sons Ethan and Cole, so you write in the box: Ethan, Cole.

The prime reason for elevated sales of the product is a rise in the percentage of lost dogs over the past few years. Approximately 14% of dogs get lost annually out of which 93% are being found by the owners due to dogs tags on them.

Leading global economics such as UK has passed the regulation called The Control of Dogs Order 1992 which make it mandatory for dogs to have tags having the name and address of the owner written on them. This has given a boost to the demand for tags.

We're dedicated to crafting the highest quality regulation military service ID tags available, offered for every branch of service. Our dog tags are professionally made and regulation specific, covering the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

Looking for a unique military themed gift? Now you can create custom sets of military service ID tags using our new custom tag option. A personalized set of tags is great gift for friends or family members. Ships Same or Next Business Day, Guaranteed All Dog Tags shipped in one business day, or sooner. We also have APO Friendly and Expedited Shipping options available.

Choose our high quality steel presentation case with custom foam insert to present the tags in their best light and make them easier to wrap up and store. You can add the presentation case either by ticking the option in our tag builder or as you checkout.

You name it, we've done it with dog tags! Their uses are endless: to promote a brand, commemorate an event such as a stag or hen night, as medical ID, event souvenirs / tickets, child ID tags, fancy dress, luggage labels, a special message, online gamer ... or even as pet tags for dogs!

If you're planning to use your tags as medical ID we offer a special red dog tag with the internationally recognised star of life symbol on them. You can also choose the option to add the iceQR QR code which allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet to scan your tags and access your medical or emergency contact details.

We are the sole approved supplier to the ACU, the governing body for motorcycle sport throughout the UK. Competitors can source the dog tags they need through us safe in the knowledge that they will pass scrutineering come race day.

Our very close ties to the dog tag machine manufacturers allows us support and maintain our equipment to the highest standards. As a result we guarantee a quick and reliable turnaround even for very high volume orders. All of our embossed tags are produced using the latest GSA (US Government approved) high speed electric embossing machines and all of our supplies are of the highest quality and sourced exclusively from US Government approved vendors in the USA.

Hello, Resin Crafters! Lindsay from Artsy-Fartsy Mama here with a fun resin project to make for your favorite furry friends! Like a lot of people this year, a new little pooch joined our family this summer. Instead of the traditional metal tag, I decided to make her a custom dog tag using EasyCast resin. These DIY resin dog tags are easy to make, and have so many options for personalization. Not only do they make for a great name tag, but you could also use this project for a keychain or ornament to memorialize your pet.

Carefully remove the tags from the mold. If you over-poured any resin, you can trim the excess away using a craft knife. If the resin still feels a little flexible, it may just need more time to cure. Let it sit in a warm, flat area to cure for a few hours (or days).

Personalized pet products and dog apparel is a great niche to get into, especially when using a print-on-demand and dropshipping model. Print on Demand allows for unique and customized products, which can be particularly appealing to owners who want to show off their furry friends in a personalized way. Everything from dog collars, dog bowls, pet beds, pet blankets, pet mats, and other best-selling pet products are available for your creative designs.

Treat pet parents everywhere to a one-of-a-kind experience by offering them a personalized hoodie for their beloved dog. With five sizes to choose from, you can ensure a comfortable fit for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Add a touch of style by allowing your customers to select between a sleek black or crisp white rib color and make their design truly pop with vivid, eye-catching colors. Give pet owners the chance to show off their love for their furry friend with a unique, customized hoodie that is sure to turn heads.

Every year, approximately 10 million pets are lost in the United States, and millions of them wind up in animal shelters. Sadly, only 15 percent of dogs and 2 percent of cats in shelters without personalized pet ID tags or microchips are reunited with their owners [1].

Beyond aesthetic appeal and making a fashion statement, pet ID tags serve a potentially lifesaving service. No one wants to think about their dog or cat going missing, but should something happen, an up-to-date pet ID tag can help reunite you with your lost pet.

Space for Engraving. Some pet ID tags allow one to two lines maximum, which might not be ideal if you want an address and/or alternate phone number listed. Some companies emboss print onto an ID tag rather than engrave it. Embossing allows the letters to be raised above the surface of the dog tag while engraving cuts into the tag.

Smart Tag or Traditional Tag. Smart tags provide a stylish, digital way to keep dogs and cats safe and properly identified. Considered a viable alternative to traditional pet ID tags, smart tags infuse digital technology for modern pet parents. From QR codes to Bluetooth technology and GPS tracking, smart tags are available with various features depending on the manufacturer.

In compiling our list of the best pet ID tags for dogs and cats, we used our own 30 years of pet parent experiences coupled with talking to pet parents, reading reviews, exploring features, and making sure the tags are durable and useful. 041b061a72


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