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How To Use Inventor CAM 2017 For 5-axis Milling And Turning

What is Inventor CAM?

Inventor CAM is a CAM software that is seamlessly integrated with Autodesk Inventor, a 3D CAD software for mechanical design and engineering. Inventor CAM allows you to create toolpaths directly from your Inventor models, without having to export or import files. This means that you can maintain full toolpath associativity to the Inventor model, so that any changes you make to the model will automatically update the toolpaths. You can also use Inventors parametric modeling and sketching tools to create and edit your toolpaths.

How to use Inventor CAM 2017 for 5-axis milling and turning

Why use Inventor CAM?

Inventor CAM offers several advantages for CNC programming and machining, such as:

  • Reduced mill time: Inventor CAM includes Adaptive Clearing, an advanced roughing strategy that efficiently removes a high volume of material while minimizing tool and machine wear. Adaptive Clearing maintains a constant tool load throughout the machining cycle, allowing you to cut deeper and faster without risk of breakage.

  • Increased tool life: Inventor CAM also features Rest Machining, which automatically detects the areas that have not been machined by previous operations and creates optimized toolpaths to remove the remaining material. This reduces air cutting and unnecessary tool movements, saving time and extending tool life.

  • Maintained associativity: Inventor CAM keeps your toolpaths synchronized with your Inventor model, so you dont have to worry about losing data or accuracy when making design changes. You can also use Inventors powerful assembly modeling and simulation tools to check for interferences, collisions, and clearances between your machined parts and other components.

  • Powerful post processor system: Inventor CAM supports a wide range of CNC machines and controllers with its built-in post processor library. You can also customize and edit your own post processors using the Post Processor Editor. Inventor CAM generates high-quality CNC code that you can preview and edit before sending it to your machine.

What can you do with Inventor CAM?

Inventor CAM provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for machining complex models, such as:

  • 4- and 5-axis milling: Inventor CAM supports simultaneous 4- and 5-axis features for machining complex models with curved surfaces and undercuts. You can use features such as tilt, multi-axis contour, swarf, flow, pencil, morphed spiral, and more to create smooth and accurate toolpaths.

  • Turning and mill-turn: Inventor CAM improves productivity with traditional turning, facing, grooving, and boring functions. It also supports live tooling mill-turning for machining parts with both rotational and linear movements. You can use features such as profile, groove, thread, drill, face contour, cutoff, and more to create efficient toolpaths.

  • iMachining: Inventor CAM also includes iMachining, a unique technology that revolutionizes CNC milling with its patented morphing spiral motion. iMachining automatically calculates the optimal cutting conditions for each toolpath segment based on the geometry, material, tool, and machine parameters. iMachining reduces cycle time by up to 70% and extends tool life by up to 800%.

How to get started with Inventor CAM?

If you want to try out Inventor CAM 2017 for yourself, you can download a free trial from Autodesks website. You will need to have Autodesk Inventor 2017 or later installed on your computer. You can also watch some tutorials and videos on how to use Inventor CAM on Autodesks YouTube channel.

If you want to buy Inventor CAM 2017, you will need to subscribe to the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection from Autodesk. This collection includes not only Inventor Professional and Inventor CAM but also other software such as Fusion 360, AutoCAD 04f6b60f66


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