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How to choose your wedding florist.

Updated: Jan 25

Bride and groom walking with wedding party.  Olive Green dresses and summery garden style bouquets.  Men in White shirts and grey pants.  A touch of peach in the wedding bouquet
Wedding Party Perfection

Hey hey, welcome here! As a florist that serves only a small niche in the market, weddings and workshops mostly, it is always fun to unpack this question: How do we choose our wedding florist?

Choosing a florist for your wedding may seem like something that shouldn't require much thought-do not all florists offer wedding florals?? The answer is likely yes almost across the board to that question, but there is more to it than just that. Let's start right here:

✨We(florists)are not all for everyone...and that is ok!

So how do you know? How do you decide which florist would be the best one to work with as you plan your day?

Here is a great analogy: let's pretend you are trying to choose a chapter book to read. There are soooo many kinds on so many topics- so how do you know which to choose?

I am going to bet you first settle the type of story/ the theme the book will have! No sense looking at books on animals if romance novels have your heart. Next...Let me guess... you look at the back- or wherever the story outline is recorded, and you learn a little more! It gives you a little more insight into what is inside of the pages!

How am I doing so far???

Oh, wait...this is important to keep in mind- Just because one book isn't right for you, maybe just in the moment OR ever-doesn't mean it is trash. It just may not be for you, but could be perfect for someone else.

It is alllllll the same when looking for your florist!

Start by settling what style/vibe speaks to you the most. Check out their website- look at their photo galleries- do they have a blog? Go see what you can learn from them there. If they are an "everyday" florist(Have a flower shop), do you see design styles you love? Do they seem to work with colours and flowers that speak your language?

Another place to look is at their social media- what do you see?? Do you like it?? Do you feel like you relate to what they showcase and how they communicate in their posts? Do they seem to touch on things that matter to you? One other very important spot to visit is fb and Google reviews!! See what is being said about them!

So there it is-It is just that simple friends- as simple as choosing a good book to read. Ok, maybe this is a little more serious than that- but it made for a great analogy if you ask me. So start by deep diving into the design style you gravitate too- check out your pinterest board- what are bouquet styles you most often save, the colours you seem to be drawn to, the vibe that seems to be captured. With that settled, it is time to "read the back cover". Go do some digging into what each of the florists in your area brings to the table. What style of work do they do, what is said about them in reviews, are these things that matter to you? Learn just a little more about what you will find once you get in a little deeper.

Oh and don't forget, just like books, one doesn't fit all. It doesn't mean that there is anything "wrong" with the other options, but they just may not be right for you in this moment- and that is ok.

Thanks for being here and happy planning!!!!

I would love to know if these tips have been helpful!? Shoot a line in the comments here to let me know! If working with us here at Petals And Stems is of interest to you- please fill out the inquiry form HERE.

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