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Who Do We Best Serve?

Petals And Stems, as you likely know is equal parts a wedding floral company, and seasonal workshop/market creator. We are going to be answering this question, who do we best serve, in two parts-Today we are going to look at this question from the "wedding florist" perspective.

Bride walking hand in hand with groom, linking arms with groomsman.  Bride is holding a summery, garden styled bouquet in soft peach, pinks, whites and ivories. Grooms tie is in matching colours, bridesmaids dress is a sage/ olive green.

There is always a short answer and then a long answer to these type of questions- Short answer: We best serve those that value the story flowers can tell, couples who have an appreciation for the life and feeling flowers can breath into a day, and those with visions they feel NO ONE will understand. We love working with couples who, even if the vision is not crystal clear yet, they know they want their day to be filled with feeling, and who care deeply that they are heard and understood.


I am going to be 100% transparent here- and with 23+ years working in the world of flowers, you may have a hard time believing me.

I have not always loved flowers. I have not always seen the value in them, they have not always lit me up, have not always been able to set the mood for me in a room when sitting on a kitchen table. It has only been in the more recent years flowers have truly become of great value to me.

Do you know what made me fall in love with flowers? It was when I tuned in to the right style that was one that spoke the language of my own heart, designing with not just any flowers, but flowers that matched the design style I love so deeply. It was in falling in love with them FOR ME FIRST, that then made me fall in love with using flowers to help others find and express their own stories with florals.

At Petals And Stems we understand that when we find people with a vision(and we will help you refine it if it is blurry), when we find couples who appreciate the power flowers hold, the life they breath into our most special moments, and that grasp that flowers will tell stories long after they die through the photos and videos captured, those are our people.

Mother hugging son at wedding.  Mother wearing a beautiful and tasteful dress in peaches, and reds, sage green, all clours that match the wedding day so perfectly.  The son is dressed in a stylish pair of khaki pants and suspenders.  The photo also encompasses the barn wood back drop and twinkle lights.

We love working with clients that are "details" sensitive. Couples who care about how the colours of the suits are going to mesh with the overall vibe of the day, and who know that the guys are going to be wearing sage pants and brown leather shoes. ( Pulled those things from thin air, but the point is on the details part of the picture.) We love hearing about the pattern in the ties, and the colours of your table clothes and bridesmaids dresses- How come? Because it is knowing all those beautiful details we can know what story you are trying to tell- the story that will be told in the colours you choose, the style you are projecting with your decor choices. To us all of this matters.

I know what you are thinking- I don't know what colour of shoes the groom is going to wear- does that mean we aren't a good match?? Absolutely not! No one knows better than we do at Petals And Stems that clarity comes with time and action. We often have discussions with couples before every detail is in place. These discussions often bring the much needed questions to the table and with some time bring all the clarity required for us to make a great team.

I have talked about this many times before, but we have a corny one liner here, that began with our business in 2019, Petals And Stems, Where We Make Your Visions Bloom. Corny or not, it holds truth. We love helping couples bring clarity to the story they want their day to tell, and we love beyond it all, to be able to use flowers to bring it to life.

Does any of this resonate with you? Would you like to chat? Head over to our wedding page here on our website, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the wedding inquiry form to get chatting with us. We love "Making your visions bloom"-so be sure to reach out.

Thanks for being here.

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