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2024- The Year For Changes.

Updated: Feb 1

There is a saying I have thought of a few times over the last couple of weeks as I look ahead into 2024- Out with the old-In with the new.

Winter outdoor pot.  A neutral coloured outdoor pot design sitting on a workshop table with cedar pine and fir laying around it.  A cup of hot apple cider, snips all scattered around the photo
Stop, Sip Coffee and Let's Ponder...

What better time of year than now, to deep dive into what worked and what didn't, and what needs a face lift and what can remain the same in business for 2024. It has been the deep work going on since jumping back into business these last few weeks.

There are a number of changes that will be made in 2024, some I will share with you here now, and some will come about with time and more planning.

I have shared this biggy with you in my most recent newsletter, as well as wrote a social media post about it, but it is something I am so excited to be introducing to the winter workshop booking process in 2024!

As I have struggled to find a way to properly thank you for faithfully choosing Petals And Stems over the years as your go to workshop provider, I think I have finally found the way. An early bird discount. As soon as booking is open for winter workshops (for both private parties and public workshops) there will be a discount given if you are booked in by a certain date. I will be announcing the discount at a later time- but really want to share this news with you now, before winter workshops are completely off your mind!!

Something we loved this year was opening for business for 3 Saturdays during our busy winter season-YOU WILL BE SEEING THAT AGAIN!! It was very fun to me as the main designer at Petals And Stems to have an opportunity to have creative freedom in what was designed for each Saturday market here on the farm. The red barn was filled with wreaths in many styles, outdoor pots of all shapes and sizes, swags as well as home decor/home accent pieces. I also LOVED the opportunity it provided to connect with you all in a more personal way than just strictly through this screen. Sipping cider and pulling up a seat with you our valued customers, inside the warm studio, summed up one of my main love languages in a nutshell. That whole "vibe" is VERY me!!

Something else we are very enthused to be doing more of in 2024, is finding more ways to be inviting other businesses in from our community(and surrounding communities) to be a part of events/markets we hold here on the farm. As you know, loving to collaborate is something we value highly here, and have been doing it in different ways for some time-but you are going to see us diving deeper into "community" in 2024.

This will seen in a number of different ways- from inviting different businesses to be a part of the Saturday winter markets to introducing community collaborations that will work hand in hand with some of the Petals And Stems workshop experiences being offered this year. We are visiting many different ideas and the ball is already rolling on a few of them!! We are VERY excited.

If I am honest, 2024 may be the biggest year of small, but meaningful changes we have ever experienced. It just seems, as the saying says, it is time to be out with the old, and in with the new. Time to make some minor shifts in our offerings, freshen up our look and get aligned again with who we want to be and the things we are excited to stand behind. We are highly anticipating it all!!!

Just a ps- we are always happy to hear your ideas and suggestions for us here at Petals And Stems. We love collaborating with you too, finding ways to incorporate things you value into offerings and ideas we have as well. We welcome you to reach out anytime. Are you a small business owner and have you ever wanted to collaborate with us? If you feel your offering aligns with what we stand for here- we would love to chat with you and start getting some ideas on the table.

I hope you are as excited as I am for what is ahead in 2024!! Hold on-it is going to be a fun journey.

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