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Mothers Day.

Mothers Day Flowers are available again here at Petals and Stems.

As a seasonal workshop creator and wedding florist, there are just some holidays and events throughout the year I can not resist.

Mothers Day is at the dawning of spring time, a season of new growth and fresh hope. Is that not most suitable??

If you ask me my favorite season for floral design, I truly would have a very hard time answering that! The truth is, I have a lot of favorites. I love designing from a place of true passion. From a place of deep love, a place that I personally am effected by, that makes me feel something.

Mothers day isn't exactly a season, in fact not at all, but it is an occasion that takes place in the spring, and it is a occasion that is easy to design for, due to a deep appreciation for our mothers. Designs flow easily for me at this time. Helping you express gratitude for your moms using soft tones and dainty blooms, garden style designs and timeless containers is an honor for me.

I am so happy once again with the offerings that will be available to help you spread love to our moms this spring once again. As usual, we are offering delivery and Pickup options. Pickup will be available right here at the Petals and Stems location, and delivery is offered to Lloydminster, Kitscoty and Vermilion.

Our moms are special, and At Petals and Stems we understand that with our whole heart. Each design is created with special care, just as your mom deserves.

Moms are as unique as flowers. All looking different, taking on a unique role, in a unique way. All the while, holding a deep purpose in the gardens of our lives, adding in some way, to our life's bouquet.

Let me help you show love to mom this Mother’s Day. It is always an honour.

Have a great day.


owner and designer

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