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The Booking Process

Are you getting married? Let's chat about how the booking process goes with Petals and Stems.

Right here on my website, you will find a wedding section. Go there. You will notice that there is a button you can click that will take you to a consultation/inquiry form. This form is great for both of us. It gives me a good feel for what you are after, gives you an opportunity to share your vision with me, which allows me to get a feeling for your vibe. The benefit to you, is that listed there on the form is a general outline of my pricing, so you can get a good idea what you may be looking at for cost before you ever hit submit. Its a win win.

Upon receiving your inquiry, I immediately check it over and will send you a quick email or text to let you know I am on it.

I actually have this really strong belief. It is that I am not for every couple and not every couple is for me. The inquiry form on my website is step one to knowing if we are a good fit. I always liken it to speaking the same language. It is awfully frustrating for couples to try to work with someone who is not on their same page. Well actually the frustration goes all the way around. There is nothing wrong with your vision, and there is nothing wrong with your florist if this happens, it is just a mismatch. It pays to know and feel confident you are a good fit with your florist and vice versa.

Once I have received your consultation inquiry, I will check my schedule, and as long as I feel we are a great fit, and my schedule still has room, we proceed to the next step. I will ask for you to send me some pictures that capture your vision as well. This helps me get inside your head. It is all part of me capturing your dream. Next up...

A wedding consultation. During Covid, these went online. Either by zoom or by phone, and to be honest, I have not gone back to face to face yet. I am open to that though if that is your preference. We go through all of your dreams and plans, colors and details. Sometimes some of those are still in the works. That is totally ok. We do our best with what you have to date and the rest can be altered as we go.

After we have our phone chat, and I have an even better idea of your vibe I pull together a proposal for you. A proposal includes a vision board, written details we have discussed, my contract and most importantly a detailed price quote. I LOVE ME MY PROPOSALS!! Ha, they are honestly magical. They pull together your vision so you can see it all in one place, and allows you to see where changes can be made to cut back or add on. I have yet to have a client not gush over them.

Once the proposal is looked over, the contract signed, and if you choose to proceed, a 50% or $500(whichever is less) non refundable deposit is collected to save your date. From this point on I am as committed to you as you are to me and together we bring those visions to life. Please know that even after the proposal is accepted, changes can be made. Nothing is written in stone until your flowers are on order and then we are pretty limited as to the changes, but until then we welcome them.

So for now, here is the simple answer. Go fill out a consultation inquiry form, under weddings. From there, I will direct you as we go. Man, if I had just started with this, it would have kept this ALOT shorter. Happy Planning my friend.

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