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Then and now!!!!

Want to come on a little walk through time?

What started as a wedding and floral workshop business out of our garage in Kitscoty Alberta, has turned into the business venture that is actually beyond what I could have dreamt!!!

In 2019, I, along with the support of my amazing hubby and kiddos, made the scary decision to go on my own and start a home based wedding and workshop business out of our garage(unfinished to boot). With 20 years in the industry I was ready to make some buried dreams come to life.

I had a very strong vision of one day designing weddings from a cute acreage studio and offering workshops in a cozy setting. I felt those visions to the depth of my core but at that time in our journey we didn’t have any direction as to when that would unfold for us.

We had been trying to sell our home in Kitscoty Alberta for a number of years(photo bellow), and didn’t know where life would take us once it did sell. So, instead of waiting we started where we were, used what we had and did what we could! (I think that is an Anne Frank quote I likely butchered ??)

Fast forward a few years, our house finally sold, and after a little wait we found our dream acreage. This new spot brought a big change to our lives, as we had to relocate to Vermilion Alberta, just down the road. Our kiddos had gone to school in Kitscoty since kindergarten, and so it was a pretty big leap! We were all ready for this next chapter though, and we were excited for this next adventure!!

Our new spot had/has the potential of everything I/we had ever dreamed of… And even more!!! The previous owners had a dog grooming business(middle photo above)so the possibilities of having a home based acreage studio finally transpired!! Soon after possession day the renovations began to change that over to the new flower studio!!

This is the before:

Ok, now let the transformation process begin!!!

We got possession of our acreage mid September, and got started gutting and working on this studio space shortly thereafter. My hubby did as much as he could on evenings and weekends, and then we got a contractor in to do the mudding/taping etc.

We were ready for business by mid November!!!

It was officially winter workshop season out here by then and we jumped in with both feet and took on year one at our new location as it came. All the projects were/ are not complete, but this reno got us set up and ready to go for The busy winter season ahead!!


The red barn!!!!

There are many parts of our new acreage that I must say have been beyond the vision I had for our future, and this beautiful barn is one of those things!!!

During the cold winter months it was used as cold storage and we even hosted a barn market in December!! We lit a bon fire and welcomed friends and clients out to see our new place. We had outdoor pots, wreaths and other warm winter welcomes available for purchase too, all placed in the barn. Christmas music playing softly while people sipped hot apple cider and browsed. It was a dream come true!!

Here are a few pics from the winter market day!!!

Once Spring time hit, we took on another project!! Time to get the barn ready for hosting floral workshops during the spring, summer and fall!! We had equipment to move out, cupboard to take down, light fixtures to install and many finer details to tackle that I won’t bother mentioning!!!

It feels like a blur, all the changes that we have made to this property since moving just one year ago this month!!! To be honest, it makes me A bit tired just looking back on all that has been done! Our family certainly all has worked hard, everyone of us, to bring us to today!!!

Want to see what flower workshops in the barn look like now??? Sigh, to me it is more than my dreams and visions were ever made of!! This is all magical to me!

Did you know Petals And stems offers seasonal workshops during all seasons of the year?? Some events are planned by us as a company, and others you can book for your own private group! You can go visit the “workshop” page of my website to read details about the different options!

We have our first ever summer workshop planned for August 18th, so feel free to

Snag your tickets and come check this farm out for yourself! We would love to have you!!!

Tell me what you think of the changes in comments!! It is always so fun to hear from you guys!!!!

Thanks for coming along!!!!

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